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The kacmun Korean American Coalition (KAC), an organization of Korean Americans, organizes and participates in MUN conferences. Founded in 2002, KAC has participated in several MUN conferences across the country. 

Model United Nations is an important opportunity for Korean American youth to learn from each other and their shared heritage. It also gives them the opportunity to train and mentor other ambassadors  around the world. 

KAC wishes to promote international cooperation and mutual understanding through MUN. They work  hard to create conference materials  that are both engaging and useful. They also encourage their members to join local MUN committees to gain more impact at the conference. 

As the only Korean-American MUN organization in North America, KAC plays a key role in building positive relations between Korea and the United States. Moreover, their success can inspire other oppressed groups  to form alliances. 

What are Kacmun’s goals?

A grassroots organization called the Kacmun Korean American Coalition (KAC) works to raise awareness of the Kacmun Model UN, which Korean Americans created in 2007. The Kacmun Model United Nations is unique in that it is the only one managed entirely  by Korean Americans. 

 Kacmun aims to promote awareness of the fictional United Nations, promote cross-cultural understanding, and foster cooperation among Korean American communities  around the world. In addition,  Kacmun aims to give its members the opportunity to learn more about international concerns and improve their diplomatic and  speaking skills. 

Kacmun has sponsored several Model United Nations conferences that have attracted participants from across the United States and several European countries. In addition, Kacmun organizes social gatherings for its members, provides educational materials and collaborates with other groups with similar goals. 

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How is Kacmun operated?

Students can participate in diplomacy and decision-making through the Kacmu Korean American Coalition Model UN. The goal of the Model United Nations program is to give students the opportunity to learn about global issues and collaborate to develop resolutions and decisions that can be implemented in the real world. 

This year, 8 teams from around the world participated in the conference, which took place at UC San Diego from August 8-10. February Each team was given a research topic and then presented their opinion in front of a panel of judges. The main teams then participated in a negotiation session where solutions to various conflicts had to be found. Students of  all backgrounds and experiences are welcome to  the KACA Model UN program. The Kacmu Model UN program has something for everyone, whether you are new to politics or have been involved in MUN for a while. Join us  to become a world leader by signing up now! 

What happened to their last model UN?

KAC members arrived early at the conference venue to sit down and interact with their colleagues from various parts of the country. They introduced themselves, discussed ideas, and within minutes got to know everyone closely. The Haitian speaker  spoke passionately about his country’s struggle against a lack of resources and infrastructure. Kenyan representatives discussed their experiences in creating a fairer society by fighting AIDS and poverty. Chinese students also arrived with gifts such as samples of their favorite foods and handicrafts from their culture. 

It was already visible from afar that the KAC Model UN team was committed to achieving good changes in the conference. They lead by example for everyone else, paying special attention to details, collaborating and consistently putting the needs of their representatives first. 

By the end of the day, it was clear that KAC had made significant progress in developing connections between its members and presenting its creative ideas to representatives around the world.


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